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GRIFFIN ART PARTNERS is a leading provider of high-end art-backed loans, recognised for its discretion, flexibility and swiftness of execution.

Loan main characteristics:

  • Minimum loan size : EUR 1,500,000


  • Minimum value per artwork : EUR 100,000


  • Loan term : 1-3 years


  • Loan to Value : up to 50%


  • Basis : non-recourse (no personal guarantee required)


  • Art Periods : from Impressionism to Contemporary Art


  • Feedback on artworks eligibility : 48 hours

  • Interest rates : mid to high single digit

Financing is offered on a non-recourse basis (solely based on the value of the relevant work of art) thereby allowing for greater flexibility regarding the use of proceeds, while ensuring total confidentiality. No credit checks are required.


GRIFFIN ART PARTNERS has the ability to operate under the main European jurisdictions including Switzerland and the United Kingdom


All inquiries should be sent to one of the following emails:



Stage 1 After submission of the artworks details (including HD picture), and a first internal valuation, we  are committed to give our clients a feedback on the artworks eligibility in a maximum period of 48 hours, with an indicative term sheet of the loan.

Stage 2

After approval of those terms by the borrower, we will require further documentation for each artworks (such as provenance, list of exhibitions, invoices...) in order to perform our internal due diligence.

Stage 3

After inspection and due diligence of the works, and arrangement of the insurance and storage contracts (if applicable), we will finalise the grant of the loan.

The funding of the loan will be finalised within 2 to 3 weeks once the artworks have been assessed.


Our processes have been designed to minimise our client's involvement and to make the whole process smooth and efficient, whatever the juridiction or the artwork location may be.




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